Day 2 in Paris (Night) パリ二日目の夜

After going to Disneyland, we still wanted to see Eiffel tower. Even we were tired and our camera battery died we went to the hotel to charge the battery first and take rest. Then grabbing a taxi we went to this magical place. It was an amazing experience. I was really tired and cold and was already giving up the idea of going there at midnight, but my boyfriend really insisted 🙂 We were amazed.. It is so big and shining. No people around, a reflection of the tower in water.. It was magic ❤ ディズニーランドに行った後エッフェル塔にいくことに。ディズニー後で二人とも疲れてたのにカメラを充電し直して少し休憩したあとにタクシーで夜のパリエッフェル塔へ。着いた後は信じられないくらい感動した。本当に来てよかったって思う。その大きさと美しさに圧倒された。夜中だったから誰もいなくて水たまりに映る反射はなんとお言えないくらい美しかった。

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